Kat Geesaman


About Kat

Growing up in the country setting of Hershey, Pennsylvania, Kat immersed herself in nature and has always pursued her curiosity of the outdoors with an adventurous spirit. While expressing herself through her artwork as a regular hobby, Kat chased her dream of becoming a veterinarian. During her years of study, she worked as a veterinary technician at various animal hospitals and the National Smithsonian Zoo in DC.

Relocating to sunny St Petersburg, FL in 2016, Kat’s love and admiration for the animal world further inspired her artwork and she began painting in the style that we know and love today. As demand grew for her unique approach, including the use of vibrant colors, she decided to switch careers and become a full-time artist. She founded Ransom Studios, named after her faithful German Shepherd, in 2019.

Today, Kat’s style has been recognized for her use of recycled materials. She restores retired surfboards and creates pieces constructed from reclaimed wood to use as her canvas. In effort to reduce waste and capitalize on the beauty of up-cycling, she prefers to restore heavily-worn materials that would otherwise be thrown away, and make them into something exquisite.

“Every surfboard comes with a history. Every fence board has weathered a storm. I like to consider the resemblance between the worn materials I employ to create my work and the viewers, themselves. We’re all just weathered and broken with a past; I want my artwork to demonstrate that this is alright, because we are all, still, so beautiful and each of us have the ability to become our own masterpiece with an incredible story.” – Kat Geesaman


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